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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) measures the language proficiency of individuals and it is world’s most popular test for those who want to study or work in countries where English is used as a language of communication. IELTS is accepted as an evidence by over 3,000 academic institution and it is widely accepted by Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, British and USA.

IELTS is jointly conducted by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English and it was established in 1989. Moreover, IELTS tests the communication skills of individuals in all four language skills like listening, reading, writing and speaking. IELTS contains two types of training module: Academic and General training module. Academic module is meant for those who want to enrol in higher education studies, universities, other institutions and also for those who need professional registration. General training is intended for those want to gain work experience, for immigration purpose and also to undertake non – academic training.

IELTS Test pattern:

IELTS test consists of four sub-tests : Listening, Reading , Speaking and Writing. The scores are on scale to 1 to 9 and the test is valid up to two years. The test is offered usually on Saturday and Thursday. The IELTS test measures your ability to understand English at university level and evaluates how well you perform in all modules of IELTS.

Overall band score:

  • How band is calculated?
  • When will i receive my test results?
  • What if i feel my test result is wrong?
  • How soon can i re-appear for the test?

Each task of IELTS is scored on the scale of 1 to 9, including half points such as 2.5,6.5 etc. IELTS score is the average of band score achieved in each sub tasks.

Your Test Report Form will be posted online on 13 calendar days after your test date. All test centres will post your Test Report Form to you. Keep your Test Report Form in a secure place as you only receive one copy.

You can apply for an Enquiry on Results procedure at your test centre within six weeks of the test date. You must pay an enquiry fee, which is fully refunded if your band score changes. Note that IELTS Examiners and markers follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored. The IELTS testing process has the highest quality control procedures.

  • There is no limit re-appearing the test. However, IELTS recommends you do additional study before taking the test again. Some test centres offer preparatory courses and language classes.

Test structure of IELTS :

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The Listening section is the first and most important part of the IELTS test. This task of IELTS has four sections and includes 40 items. In terms of IELTS preparation, it is best to take each section separately. In the listening IELTS section, test takers should first read the example provided at the beginning of the first section to acquaint themselves with the sound, the speaker and the situation. Moreover, one has to practise listening to both an individual talking and more than one person speaking simultaneously. It is important to be accurate with spellings, many lose easy scores due to spelling mistakes.

This section evaluates candidates’ reading skills. The reading passages for both IELTS Academic and General test are different. Read the entire passage carefully and take an overview of the essence of the passage. Be careful of the time limits, you will not be given any extra seconds. Do not leave any question unanswered even if you are not sure of the answer, as there is no negative marking. To save few seconds, write the responses directly on sheets since you will not be given extra time to write it again.
The writing section in each version of IELTS has two subsections. It is advisable to commence with Task 2 first as it is worth more marks and is easier. Both the tasks should be completed on time. To get familiar with IELTS writing section time limits, it is necessary to undergo rigorous practice of writing. Candidates should underline important words in the task to focus on what they have to do when they start answering. It works as a reminder. Test takers must stick to the topic and not write unnecessary responses and statements.themselves with the sound, the speaker and the situation. Moreover, one has to practise listening to both an individual talking and more than one

This is the section where one can enjoy speaking English, thus it is vital to sound confident and talk as fluently as possible. Candidates can practice by recording their responses on tape at home and listen to it. It will be easier to focus on individual mistakes and pronunciation. It is advisable not to prepare the answers, as the examiner may spot the same. The best way to respond is to present one’s opinion, as that will help them assess his/her English communication skills.

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Top Class Guidance

Top Class Guidance

Gocool International gave me an opportunity to meet the representative of the university of regina where he did the assessment of my documents. It was under their guidance I filled my visa application and received my offer letter with in on time.
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Mishi Miteshkumar Patel
Best Decision Ever

Best decision ever

I joint Gocool International for my IELTS. After the hardwork of 4 months I got 6 bands overall in IELTS. I thank the whole Gocool team for their uncoditional support and motivation it is because of Gocool International I am flying to Canada to fulfill my dreams.
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Niral Sanjaykumar Patel
Offer me Opportunities

Offers me Opportunities

I had really poor academic scores, but my IELTS score was good.But fortunate due to efforts taken by Gocool International team i got admission in University of Regina. I even got chance to meet the college representative due to which I felt really confident and motivated.
Student Visa
Mit Jayeshkumar Patel
All the Right Answers

All the right answers

I confronted Gocool International for my visa purpose and my first visit was very pleasant. I always wanted to go ICM college for my studies in Canad. I immediately applied for the admission and finally got my visas for Canada. I thank the whole of Gocool International for their 100% support and direction.
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The Right Choice

The right Choice

After the rejection from educational consultancy, I approached Gocool International. And despite of first rejection and a low academic profile I got admission in two days and I got my visas for Canada it is all due to the immense efforts taken by the team.I thank Gocool International whole heartily.
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Best People for me

Best people for me!

I joined Gocool International for my IELTS coaching and because of the faculty member . I was able to secure 6.5 bands overall. Immediately, I applied for admission and then for the visa. I got my visa within just few days. I thank all of them heartedly.
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Honey Rajnikant Patel
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