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"The whole purpose of Higher education is to simplify the way everything works; take care of jobs that are routine yet require a high degree of accuracy, as never before is now absolutely linked to the employability concept. In USA, last few years have witnessed an overwhelming influx of multinational business partnerships. An obvious corollary to this has been the opening up of opportunities abroad for professionals too. Such a scenario has generated among young people an urge to explore study abroad. It is at this junction that we find at our doorsteps international education opportunities. The questions, which obviously follow, are how can I go for it? Do I need any special qualities to be selected? How much will it cost? Where can I go? And so on….

GOCOOL, as an organisation, strives to catalyse the process of development of Higher education in the country. It is a commitment of financial success with accompanying commitment to values and a commitment to all stakeholders – Students, young unemployed graduates, Under Graduates, IT professionals, Medical persons, scientists.

GOCOOL-STUDENT PLACEMENT SERVICES was found to address the urge potential of this industry and the requirement of those who desire to-Education abroad as a part of their professional and personal life. GOCOOL has assisted hundreds of students move to countries like UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, CYPRUS, IRELAND, SWITZERLAND and GERMANY for higher studies and has further helped them settle down after the successful completion of their

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As of June 1, 2014, you may qualify to work off campus without a work permit. If you qualify, your study permit will allow you to work up to 20 hours per week:

  • during regular academic sessions and
  • full-time during scheduled breaks,...Read more
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As most of you are aware, from June 01, 2014 onwards, study permit applications will be processed only for institutes that are on the CIC designated list. Study permit applications must state the institute’s DLI number. However, not all institutes have received this number. The new study permit...Read more

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UK Student Visa - Maintenance Funds Requirements
Main Applicants (students who have a CAS):

  • £9180 (£1020 multiplied by 9 months) if the UK University is in London (inside of inner London...Read more
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