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Obtaining your student visa is a crucial part of your overall preparation to study abroad. While certain countries and short term programs do not require a visa, it is a necessary document for many students studying abroad. Your study abroad adviser or program director should be able to give you information about visa requirements specific to your host country. In fact, some program providers will help you apply for your visa. However, other programs leave it up to the student to arrange their visa.

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At Gocool International, our aim is to help you to turn your dream into reality.We help You to Procurring Your Tourist Visa In Shortest Possible Time..

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IELTS is a best course for improving your communication skills Like: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Skills. IELTS is mainly managed by the University ..

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Pratima Patel

An excellent person with Never going down hope to self and his clients, its been a very a very long time since i started my immigration process with mr pritesh patel but the confidence and hope of sir and other members in team kept our hope alive. I sincerly thank mr pritesh patel and his gocool international team for making our dream come true. I am so elated to know my visa has approved as it was my dream to go to abroad today it is fullfilled so again thank you very much for your great help, motivation & continuous efforts as well big thank to your team for support and help...

Jay Patel

Thank you Gocool International for making my life. Due to this organization I was able to get into the university of my choice in USA and also as I got into a good university I have a definite path of a successful career. Admission process was tough but after joining Gocool International and with their assistance, it was a piece of cake for me. There is also the special visa interview preparation batch where in I got useful tips and hints on cracking the interview and thus I was able to secure the visa in the first go!!! :) I once again thank Gocool International and its staff for makeing my dream come true of pursuing my studies at USA !! #Kudos_to_Gocool..!!

Hemali Patel

My experience with Gocool International is very delightful. Here I feel, it's my privilege to convey my gratitude to the entire Gocool Team for guiding me and supporting me with the documentation, application and visa process. I would like to highlight that the key aim of Gocool International is to provide students with the best education opportunities available abroad. My special thanks to the Gocool Team and for the able guidance and confidence given by Mr Pritesh Patel, the Director of Gocool International & Mr Rutvik Patel. It's one stop destination for your dreams come true....

Latest News

PM Narendra Modi conveys India's concerns on H1-B Visas to Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has been apprised of the concerns being faced by India on the H1-B visa reforms by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was the first conversation between the two leaders after Trump assumed office as the President of the US.

Official sources have informed that Trump was appraised of the concerns India faced on the H1-B visa reforms by Modi during the telephonic conversation between the two leaders. Trump has been reported to have said that India’s concerns will be given consideration, as quoted by The Indian Express.

The two leaders had discussed a range of issues including the economy, terrorism, defense and regional security as confirmed by the official sources.

It has also been informed by the sources that S Jaishankar, Indian Foreign secretary had visited New York twice during the period of transition to Trump administration and had raised the issue of H1-B visas. He had met the Vice-President-elect Mike Pence and the former speaker of US Congress Newt Gingrich, the current member of Trump’s panel of advisors.

The White House has issued a statement and said that during the telephonic conversation with Narendra Modi, Trump had stressed that India was considered as a true ally and associate of the US to address diverse issues facing the world. The two leaders discussed various issues such as defense and economy and on prospects to reinforce the ties between the two nations, read the statement of the White House.

The statement also added that trump had invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the US later this year.

Narendra Modi took to the social media and sent a tweet which read that he had shared a warm conversation with the US President Donald Trump and had invited him to visit India.

The issue of H1-B visas is of huge concern to the Indian government as well as the business fraternity and it has the potential of emerging as a point of disagreement with the US Government.

Vikas Swarup, Spokesperson of the External Affairs Ministry has said that both concerns and interests of India have been appraised to the US Congress and US administration at top levels. He said that as of now the situation is that only three private bills have been introduced and no executive order has been signed by the Trump in this regards.

Similar bills had been introduced in the past too and they must pass through the complete process of the US Congress. It is well known what was the fate of such private bills and hence it is very early to react on such bills, added Swarup.

Around 65 to 70 percent of the H1-B visas are allocated to India which is the largest beneficiary of the visas that are approved by the US globally. China is at the second place with 8 percent according to the

latest data from the US government. It is expected that Narendra Mod and Donald Trump will be discussing the issue at the meeting at the G-20 summit to be held in July at Germany.

Immigration New Zealand not to rethink decision of deporting Indian students

Immigration New Zealand said that it had given enough opportunity to nine students from India facing deportation to leave the country willingly. But the students are not willing to leave the island nation after an appeal to Michael Woodhouse, Immigration Minister, was rejected.

Saying that deportation would ruin their lives, they are considering seeking sanctuary at a church in Auckland.

Steve Stuart, Immigration NZ general manager of visa services, was quoted by Radio New Zealand as saying that individual consideration was given to the application of each student to appeal on its merits.

A case was filed against the students because their education agents in India were said to have submitted fake documents.

The students in all cases had affirmed on their applications that information and proof supporting their application was authentic even as Immigration NZ stuck to its decision to deport them.

According to him, each of the students was subjected to a fair procedure, including consideration of their appeal.

He said that though there was no time frame as to when they would be deported by force, he added that they were encouraged to leave the country willingly.

Meanwhile, the students said they will seek refuge at an Auckland’s inner-city church from 6 February till their deportation is revoked or they are deported forcefully.

Since May 2016, issued to 191 Indian students Deportation Liability Notices, also known as Deportation Orders, of whom 125 have left the country.